Thursday, October 3, 2013


We are now living in our new town in Maine.  It is a beautiful place and so small, the tour of it takes about 10 minutes.  I love it.  The remodeling of our 150 year old home is slow going but will be worth it in the end.  One of the most important things is incorporating safety items in the home.  This is not as easy as you might think.  To try and anticipate what I might need in the future compared to what I need now is frustrating.  There so many uncertainties with this disease you never know what you might be dealing with from day to day. So we are doing our best and have decided to add as we go.

If you have ever remodeled a home or even just redecorated a room, you know this comes with STRESS!! There are days that are so much fun and then days where you just can't think about it one more minute.  Not one room in the house doesn't need something.  It will be a long process and one I'm looking forward to.  Someday I will be sitting on my porch remembering when we were living in a construction zone!

My parents recently visited and stayed on the waterfront.  My mother and I spent ours outside on the deck watching the Whales swim up and down in the bay.  It was the most amazing thing and a day I'm sure I will always remember. I'm pretty sure we will be looking for property for my parents if my Dad got his way.  He spent one of the days here fishing with my husband and son and loved being here.  They are coming back to visit around Thanksgiving and I'm really excited.

Winter is coming and we are getting the house ready the best we can.  We have visited in the winter but have never spent a full season.  Wood deliveries and stocking up are our priority in the next few weeks.  I'm waiting on our first snow.  Hot chocolate, shoveling and a fire in the wood burner.  Can't wait!!

If you ever get a chance, take a mini vacation up Rt. 1 in Maine. It is the most beautiful drive I have ever taken.  A postcard around every turn.

My little of everything today is the bakery here in this little town.  My Dad was like a little kid after his shopping experience there!  They also have a live cam that you can watch that shows the bay and hopefully spot a whale or just watch the boats go in and out.

Moose Island Bakery

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