Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday 9/25/2011

This is my first blog post to this site.  At this point, I'm not really sure the direction this blog will go.  Day to day I guess it will be whatever comes to mind.

A little about me:  I''m a 36 year old mom to a 13 year old wonderful young man.  He makes me laugh on an every day basis.  Married to my best friend, I guess everyone says that, but in my case it is true.  Recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, which I guess was the "brain" child behind this blog.  The reality of the baggage I'm carrying at this point is overwhelming.   From day to day the emotions I'm dealing with go from anger, sadness, denial and acceptance.  I seem to be all over the map these days.

I've made a huge decision to treat my illness with a risky drug that is not well tested at this point.  The fear of that is enough to keep your anxiety on 10.  The shots just were not working for me.  As this blog goes on, I'm sure the story of my last few years will be told as well.  It has been quite a battle.  My story is not one of a kind, it seems to be similar to all stories I've seen with anyone suffering with an autoimmune disorder.  But it is unique to me and mine.

Another interesting side note:   I'm not at all an English major of a writer of any kind.  Be gentle on me with spelling or grammatical errors! Thanks!

So, I guess my little of something today is a wonderful site I found that I thought would be of interest...
A young boy who paints pictures for sale to raise money for his mom who is fighting MS.

Till next time....